Process Management

Processes and procedures are key elements to ensure excellent service delivery and to reduce the operational risks

WLV assist to ensure that your business processes and procedures are standardized and captured in both written and workflow formats




Design new processes and procedures, as well as the updating existing processes and procedures in any business environment
The implementation or changing processes can be a challenge at times, due to factors such as the views of staff or their reluctance to change, as they do not have a clear understanding of the process. WLV can help with the implementation of new and existing processes and procedures, through our coaching and workshop sessions
WLV ensures that a review is conducted and audited utilizing the process approach, we monitor our services and do reviews to our clients and customers through data collections by appropriate methods,ensuring that we deliver best services , representative, and adequate at all times.


WLV perform analysis on both written and non-written processes and procedures within your business or department


Changes to the services in a business or department do occur that may require certain processes or procedures to be updated. The review of existing processes and procedures on a regular basis is very important to ensure that the process or procedure still provides the best service delivery experience to your customers. WLV can help your business or department with the review of your processes and procedures quarterly, bi-annually, yearly or as per business need
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